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For the love of the brand


As a digital marketer, I usually give training on digital marketing and how brands can harness their social followers to promote their brand and products. I confess, sometimes, it sounds evil stuff! Thus, as a consumer I’m quite selective about the brands I follow and engage online, I can see their tactics and consequently I’m not easily enthused to engage with them.

Recently I contacted a brand which made me wish to spread the word on how great they are!

Some of you know that I’ve become deaf in 2010, since then it has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and one journey of which I don’t speak much. Let’s face it, everyone has their own problems, their own stuff to deal with and I have a total dislike for bothering people with my own feel-down emotions.  Nevertheless, I have my moments and do the occasional shout out on my social networks.

Two weeks ago I mentioned about the deep sadness and pain regarding the fact that I don’t enjoy music anymore. A kind swim buddy mentioned the innovative Finis Inc  mp3 with bone conduction and as much as I wanted to remain calm, I was ecstatic with the possibility of hearing music again.

So, I contacted Finis Inc Vice-President of Global Retail , I asked about more details on the Neptune, a waterproof MP3 player which uses a revolutionary Bone Conduction audio transmission to transmit audio through the cheekbone directly into the inner ear. I asked particularly if he knew about successful Cochlear Implant (CI) users benefiting from Neptune.


If you know me, you know that I’m not one to wait around for things to happen. On the same day I made my way to Ocean LeisureFinis Inc dealer in London – and I asked if I could try the Neptune. A very friendly staff member unpacked the mp3 and gave it to me. To say that I was excited, nervous, anxious … is an understatement.

I gave it a go and nothing. As much as I wanted to control my emotions, I just burst into tears. The possibility of hearing music again was in itself bigger than me and when it failed, the pain I felt was excruciating.

You see, music was my first love. I have learned my first English words with Queen and David Bowie, Rolling Stones and Police… My first job was as a Radio Presenter and my first call to fame was to have been the first woman DJ to perform in Algarve, Portugal.

I pulled myself back together. At least, as much as I needed to drag myself home. Once there I just dived into bed and cried under the duvet until I feel asleep.

The next day I contacted my CI Manager and asked her “What happen? Would it work for me” and her reply comes promptly:

You have a bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss. Your implanted ear has no measureable acoustic hearing.

So the implant is stimulating your hearing nerve electrically. A bone conduction device would therefore not be useful for your type of hearing loss. Sorry this is disappointing news for you.”

I also sent a new email to Finis, to Mr. Lindstrom, Finis Vice-President, I told him “Don’t worry or waste your time, it won’t work for me.”

Finis, instead of replying back – Thank you for letting us know and some nice bla bla – Mr. Lindstrom replied with one of the most amazing and supportive emails I have EVER received from a brand.

Not only is Finis sending me a free Neptune to give it a proper go in the water, but also, Mr. Lindstrom has put me in contact with an Olympic swimmer in order to access how Finis can help me to…

“… fully understand the challenge here . FINIS is anxious to try and solve the challenge for you. I would encourage Ross (the Olympic swimmer) to meet with you one day just to learn more about your swimming and how FINIS can become a part of improving your enjoyment in the water.”

This response has truly left me amazed.

No need to say that more tears followed – happy and grateful tears – what can I say, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Following suit, I’ve become in love with Finis. So very much in love, I have now started to replace all my swimming training gear with Finis products.  Silly you might say, but there’s no other way I can repay all the genuine assistance and care I have received from Finis, what Finis made me feel is something I’ll cherish for a long time. 

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